Yoga of Sound….arooo?

If you didn’t get the ‘arooo’, to clarify, it’s the sound Scooby Doo makes when he is confused about something. Yoga of Sound? What the? Yoga has sound? I know, it’s confusing. This is an uncommon phrase. However, we often underestimate the impact that sound makes in our lives. Everything we hear in our day-to-day affects our subconscious in one way or another.

Come and join the Krishna Club this week as we learn about the power of sound and experience it in a bhakti yoga context. Bring your instruments and join us for an exuberant and exciting evening of yogic sounds. As always, the evening will end with a vegetarian dinner!

Date: Monday, November 15, 2010

Time: 7pm – 8pm

Room: 321, Student Centre

Cost: $2 (includes a vegetarian dinner)


Hope to see you on Monday!

-Your friends at the Krishna Club


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