Mid Semester Updates!

I heard on Oprah that joining a group/club and attending regular meetings increases your happiness level immensely. (It’s something to do with the human need to socialize or something.) So what are you waiting for—join the Krishna Club today!

Okay, that’s the end of my shameless plug. Here are a few housekeeping updates from the Krishna Club:

1) Last week, on February 14th, Krishna Club held a talk on the yoga of relationships—it was pretty wicked.

2) Next week is reading week and there will be no Krishna Club event. Boo-urns! But happy reading week!

3) Krishna Club will be back in session on February 28th with a YOGA class. Hiyo!

One thing that was particularly interesting was the discussion at the yoga of relationships event. Our guest speaker, Rohini Priya (a bhakti-yoga monk), taught us how to cultivate the perfect relationship and he posed an interesting discussion question: If you moved to another country and left your best friend behind and then you got so busy that you couldn’t return their emails/phone calls, how would you make it up to them? Keep in mind, your friend is very upset with you at the fact that you haven’t had the time to be a good friend and reply back to them. In an effort to reconcile and put together the broken pieces of your friendship, what communication method would you use?

1) Email

2) Phone

3) Facebook

4) Skype

Many people logically answered Skype because it’s the closest thing to actually being there with your friend to apologize to them. In my case, I would stalk my friend on facebook (so I know what they’ve been up to), then Skype them. Then I would start crying hysterically on Skype.

Fool-proof plan.

I actually detest using the phone as I need my face to express my emotions/sarcasm. What would YOU choose? How would you reconcile your relationship with your best friend? How do you cultivate perfect relationship? Is there any such thing as a perfect relationship? Feel free to leave a comment with your answers!

Anywho, that’s food for thought! See you on the 28th for a hearty yoga class!


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2 Responses to Mid Semester Updates!

  1. rashi says:

    i would likely use skype. it’s the next best thing to face-to-face contact. but, i can also see the logic in writing an email … i tend to express myself better in writing!

  2. Nikita says:

    Well, I’d use the phone to call the closest airport and book a flight to my friend. After all, good friends are hard to find and I figure once you have them, you should hold onto them. 🙂

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