Got Faith?


TONIGHT at the Krishna Club, we’re going to talk about a subject that transcends race, religion,nationality or creed: Faith.

It’s also a pretty awesome George Michael track.
What is faith? How can we keep it in times of adversity? Come learn the Krishna perspective.
Here’s what you need to know:
When: Tonight – Sept 24th at 7pm-9:30pm
Where: Student Centre, room 313
Cost: FREE for newcomers, $5 for others, $15 for a membership for the entire semester
As always, each event will also feature some vegetarian snacks and mantra meditation.
A note about tonight’s speaker:
Rupanuga das has been a bhakti yoga practitioner all his life. He juggles a booming career, a family with three grown children (and now two grandsons) and has a lifetime of experiences to talk about regarding faith. He is a regular speaker and teacher of Bhakti Yoga, and is speaking at the Krishna Club for the second time. You don’t want to miss this!
Hope to see you there!
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