Goal Setting this week at Krishna Club!

Hey Everyone!
We just had our first and super successful event of the year – an interactive discussion on the Power of Habit. We thought it was so cool that we’re following it up with a talk on Goal Setting – and what better timing than the beginning of the school year?
How can we form the right goals, and keep them? Come learn the Krishna perspective this Monday, September 24th. Here’s what you need to know:
Date: September 22nd, 7pm
Place: Student Centre, Room 313
Cost: FREE for newcomers, $5 for returning members, $15 for the full semester
Why? Because it’s a group of awesome, like-minded people. Plus, we might even throw in some meditation and definitely some delicious veggie snacks.
See you there!
About the Krishna Club
Krishna Club is a yoga-lifestyle club at York University. Currently starting its 8th year at the University, Krishna Club goers can participate in activities like meditation, yoga, cooking classes, philosophical discussions and much more. This dynamic group of people promises to give you a sweet, intimate event every Monday evening allowing you a little escape from the pressures of every day life. Every event consists also of some meditation (musical or mantra), as well as veggie snacks. Don’t miss out!

About Krishna Club

Want to know more? Check out www.krishna-club.com
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