Last session of 2014! Mantra Meditation!

The Krishna Club presents:
An interactive evening of mantra meditation
Especially now, with exams coming up, we all need to take the time to de-stress, and to have some peace of mind. In fact, most people who practice any type of yoga or meditation often say that it causes them to have the peace of mind that most of us lose so easily in the daily hustle-bustle of school, work, exams, assignments, etc.  Why is it that yoga/meditation practitioners seem to have it all together?  Come find out the Krishna perspective!
The Krishna Club is hosting a Mantra Meditation workshop TODAY – Monday, December 1st at 7pm. Please join us for an amazing evening of mantra meditation, some philosophical discussion and some amazing vegetarian snacks!
Details are as follows:
Who: Krishna Club
What: Mantra meditation
When: Monday, December 1st at 7pm
Where: Student Centre, 3rd Floor
Cost: FREE for members and newcomers
Hope to see you all there!
Your friends at the Krishna Club

About Krishna Club

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