Art of Happiness – Feb 23rd, 2015

Art of Happiness


There is so much in this world today to feel sad about.  Just a few days ago, our whole city grieved the loss of a beautiful 3 year old boy.  The reality is, everyone you know – everyone – is going through something. Be it as a community or as individuals, happiness tends to appear and disappear – especially when we define happiness by “things”.  One thing is for sure – there is so much that is not in our control.

So what does it take to be (and stay!) happy?

We want to hear your thoughts, and we want to share the Krishna perspective. Here’s what you need to know:
Date: Monday, February 23
Time: 7pm
Place: Student Centre, Room 315C
Cost: $5 for returning guests, FREE for newcomers ($15 for membership)
As always, veggie snacks and mantra meditation will be part of the event. See you soon!
Your friends at the Krishna Club

About the Krishna Club

Krishna Club is a yoga-lifestyle club at York University. Currently in its 8th year at the University, Krishna Club goers can participate in activities like meditation, yoga, cooking classes, philosophical discussions and much more. This dynamic group of people promises to give you a sweet, intimate event once a week allowing you a little escape from the pressures of every day life. Every event consists also of some meditation (musical or mantra), as well as veggie snacks. Don’t miss out! We also have weekly drop-in meditation sessions, every Wednesday afternoon.  Email us for details! 

About Krishna Club

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