Diwali Meditations


The tradition of lighting candles (or blowing for that matter!) is not new to us; for centuries people from all over the globe have been doing so for cultural, religious, spiritual and other multitude of reasons. Even the act surrounding the candle varies- they are lit in pairs, placed on the altar, carried in processions, waved in circles and so on.

Diwali, also known as the “Festival of Lights”, is one such occasion that coincidentally also falls on this coming Thursday! This gorgeous festival is much, much more than a “Hindu” tradition with blasting, deafening fireworks and stuffing one with sweets that it has been popularized as (which honestly isn’t so bad). However the underlying non-sectarian, all-encompassing theme and soul of the celebration is quite lost to most. Let’s come together to clear the smoke and reignite that spark of purpose that lies latent in each of us:

What? Diwali Meditations
When? Thursday, Oct 19 @ 7pm
Where? Room 311C Student Centre

As always, a delicious veggie snack will be served as well. Hope to see you there!

P.S.: A “sweet” surprise awaits you!! That should “light” up your eyes. ‘Nuff said!!


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