The Power of Authenticity


We often hear people ask to “keep it real”. Ever wonder what “real” means and how does one “keep” it that way? Sometimes it is because it is to one’s advantage, sometimes it is to be socially accepted- the reasons really are endless!….

…. Do you ever find youself wearing a mask or that other people in your life are? And it’s not because it’s Halloween!! What does it actually mean to ‘bring your authentic self’ to the table?

Let’s talk about it from a bhakti perspective. Come join us to hear from one of the founding members of the club who’s here all the way from NYC!

What? The Power of Authenticity
When? Thursday, Nov 2 @ 7pm
Where? Room 311C Student Centre

As always, a delicious veggie snack will be served as well. Hope to see you there!

P.S.: Yes, it will be past Halloween but there still will be some tricks (to becoming the real you) and some treats!!!


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