Gita Wisdom


Imagine this climatic scene like the kind you’ve probably seen in movies on war- two armies so large that the extent of their sizes seem to disappear into the horizon. Both sides played by Oscar winning actors, roaring, vying to show their unbeatable strengths. Right before the inevitable rivers of blood flow, something happens.

A mighty chariot is drawn between the two armies from one of the sides and a conversation ensues between the two warriors on it. Everyone around wonder in amazement- what’s going on between them? Can this wait? Like seriously- in the middle of something here, hello!!

And that is how the Bhagavad Gita aka the book on morality and spiritual values came to be. Counterintuitive, no? Come check us out for an inspiring conversation on how the events from >5000 years apply to each one of us!

What? Gita Wisdom
When? Thursday, Nov 23 @ 7pm
Where? Room 311C Student Centre


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