Mind Trap?


A recent study from Havard University shows that plucking eyebrows with tweezers can cause alzheimers due to the disruption of dopamine at the nerve-endings adjacent to the hair follicles which may have a direct link to the memory centre, hypocampus.

Please tell me you did NOT just believe that load of scientific garbage that my brother helped put together. It has absolutely no basis!!! Just like a lot of things that we come across, perceive or is relayed to us by the media.

We believe things to be true, for a number of reasons. Like above, it might be due to the med-school jargon, the reputation of the university, wordiness of the paragraph and so on. We find validity and get stuck in patterns that make sense to us which we sometimes may need to deconstruct. Come join us at Krishna Club to learn how we get stuck in life and how we can release ourselves by creating different thought patterns.

What? Mind Trap?
When? Monday, Jan 29 @ 7pm
Where? Room 311C Student Centre


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