About Us

With the aim of advocating a yoga lifestyle, the Krishna Club was constituted at York University in September 2007.  Each week, the club holds events where students can partake in interactive and philosophical discussions, mantra meditation and a free vegetarian meal! We also have yoga classes, meditation workshops, and vegan/vegetarian cooking classes. We really are your one stop shop for all things yoga!

Over the past few years, the Krishna Club at York has organized several talks on diverse topics including Karma, The Science of the Self, Leadership, Time and Stress Management, The Art of Happiness, and an Introduction to the Bhagavad-Gita. As well, we’ve hosted international guest speakers, held volunteer days, and participated in university-wide initiatives such as Multicultural Week. The response to date has been excellent, with people of diverse backgrounds and interests attending these events.

For further information, please contact: krishnaclub108@gmail.com

We hope to meet you!