Rock out…bhakti yoga style!

Ever been to a kirtan yoga concert? They are popping up everywhere all over the city and now the Krishna Club is bringing kirtan yoga to YOU! So what exactly is kirtan yoga? Well, it is the yoga of sound, an ancient form of yoga, expressed through musical mantra meditation.

If you play an instrument, bring it along – we’ll have a jam session with instruments from around the world. If you don’t play one, just bring yourself!

Here are the deets:

Date: Monday, February 7, 2011

Room: 321, Student Centre

Time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm

Cost: $2 (Dinner included)

Please RSVP at!

Prepare for an enchanting evening of music, yoga, and as always, a delicious vegetarian dinner! See you on Monday!

-Your friends at the Krishna Club


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1 Response to Rock out…bhakti yoga style!

  1. Omkar Paradkar says:

    Thank you so much guys for conducting such a beautiful and enjoyable event!
    I really enjoyed being part of the Krishna club. May God bless you for your efforts and dedication.

    Karmanyewaadhikaaraste maa phaleshu kadachanaa.
    (keep doing the work without any expectation)

    Jai Shree Krishna!

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